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Source Educators

Dr Stephen Chu

DMD, MSD, CDT Prosthodontist, USA

Dr. Chu, received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr Mitchell Innes

BSc(BioMedSci) BDSc(HONS) D Clin Dent (PROS) MRACDS(Pros) FAANZP Specialist Prosthodontist & Dentist
Dr Innes’ extensive doctorate research into CAD/CAM material analysis and degradation behaviours has attracted national and international interest.

Dr Peter LC Chen

BDSc Hons (Melb), DClinDent (Perio)
Dr Peter Chen is a specialist periodontist at the Brisbane Implant Dentistry and Perio Care.

Dr Dave Houston

Dr Peter Chen is a specialist periodontist at the Brisbane Implant Dentistry and Perio Care.

Dr Amro Farag

BDSc MDSc(Perio) PhD DClinDent(Perio)
Dr Farag is a Periodontist. Amro has completed a PhD at Griffith University where he published several original papers in the field of tissue engineer

Dr Yao Teoh

BDSc (Hons.) MPhil DClinDent (Endo)
Dr Yao Teoh is an Endodontist that has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, mostly in the field of endodontics.

Source Education Vision

Source Education was created for the purposes of bringing knowledge and exposure from global leaders in dental education to everyone. Our goal is to change everyone’s learning for the better by delivering high quality, value, dental continuing professional development courses with the hope to increase the level of generalised and specialised dental care. As technology and the world becomes more and more modern, so in turn does dentistry. Materials, techniques, equipment are all constantly evolving and as such dentistry follows. We aim to be a bridge between updated, evidence-based knowledge from the source and the daily practitioner for the betterment of the wider dental community. We believe that knowledge and education is the best investment to one’s dental career.

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